Foundation and Development Phase Develop whitepapers and project documentation & Website, token creation. building a burn mechanism where a percentage of token will be burned that is connected to the Liquidity pool Amount creating deflationary pressure, increasing token value over time. Define project scope and initial feature set based on market research

Initiate development of the core AI technology. Launch website and begin social media campaigns to build community engagement. Prepare for the official launch Finalize and secure exchange listings for token sale

NFT Marketplace architectural plans


Complete alpha version of the core Website & Ai implantation Initiate partnerships with key industry Exchanges. Start the development of mobile wallet app and web index portfolio all in One Place. Testing and Community Building

Build in process for the SBTC NFT Market Place - that will launch in June

Exchange Listing for SHIBTC

SBTC mobile / Web wallet Design & plans

Launch Mobile wallet and Web index portfolio Begin closed beta testing with selecting community members to gather initial feedback for the mobile application. Increase marketing efforts to boost project visibility and community growth. Host webinars and participate in virtual crypto conferences.

Initializing further funding to enhance SHIBTC eco-system’s growth


Open beta testing to the public to refine usability and iron out technical issues. Start bounty programs for bug reporting and feature suggestions. Engage with community through AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on various platforms.

Evaluate beta testing feedback and make necessary adjustments.

SBTC NFT Market Place launch to our Shibabitcoin community

Evaluate beta testing feedback and make necessary adjustments.

Introduce additional features and integrations based on community feedback. Expand team to support growth and new developments. Begin second phase of partnerships for wider ecosystem support.

Marketing across the crypto community our NFT platform - web wallet and mobile application

Host a virtual event to recap and outline the future direction. Launch a feedback survey to collect community input for next year’s roadmap